How to Fix an Oil Leakage on Spark Plugs

Oil leaking into spark plugs can be caused by several different things, and it can cause quite the problem for your car. Spark plugs are the components tasked with transmitting an electrical current to the combustion chamber from your car’s ignition system and an oil leakage can prevent the efficient flow of this current. Because spark plugs are made from metal shells housing an electrode, a serious oil leak could cause quite a bit of damage.

There are several ways you can fix an oil leak which is getting onto your spark plugs, though, and more often than not, they are simple fixes which are inexpensive and do not require any specialist knowledge or tools.

#1: Remove the Spark Plugs and Cover

Your car’s spark plugs are built in a valve cover and to change them you will need to remove this cover. Once you have removed the cover, remove the spark plugs. When you have done this, you will need to remove the seals which are located on each of the spark plugs.

These seals are the root cause of oil getting onto spark plugs, as they enable oil to seep through them into the spark plug over an extended period of time. Before you remove these seals though, ensure that you have your new seals to hand… you don’t want to be re-using your old ones, otherwise you are just going to be faced with the same problem again.

#2: Clean the Spark Plugs

You will want to give your spark plugs a good clean, but be careful as they are delicate electrical components. Use a non-abrasive cloth – microfiber works great – to give them a good wipe, you don’t need to use any cleaning fluids or water and the oil should come right off.

Try using some disposable paper towels if your spark plugs are particularly oily; you can use these to get the excess oil off and then use a microfiber cloth to give them a final wipe down.

#3: Re-Install the Spark Plugs

When you have cleaned them, re-install your spark plugs along with their new seals, ensuring that the seal has a snug fit and that there are no cracks or areas left exposed. You may also want to use a liquid sealer on the seals to make them extra secure.

You will need to put everything back the way you found it. Work in reverse order and ensure you securely fasten any nuts and bolts you have removed and place the valve cover back firmly and securely in place. Make sure you clean any oil off the other components too, as no components around your spark plugs should have any form of oil or lubrication on them.

Spark plug oil leakage is a common problem faced by vehicle owners and it can cause a lot of damage to your car’s electrical components. It is a fairly simple problem to fix, though, and anybody can do it with a little patience.

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