How to edit audio and video on Android with the Timbre application

Our Android, besides having plenty of power, is full of possibilities. They not only allow us to be connected at all times, or to know what happens in the second to second world. They also help us to be creative, to show a video to the world or to record what is happening before our eyes.

And this article is about video and audio. Recording them is very simple, we just need a camera application or an audio recorder. What is not so simple is to edit it without having to go to a computer. But the applications that developers create for Android can help us in this regard.

Timbre, the ideal app to edit audio and video

Timbre is an application that serves to just that: cut, join and convert both audio and video. Although this application is more dedicated to sound than to video, you can work with both elements. We find a lot of tools that allow us to make simple editions, and the interface is very simple. It is one of the best apps for video editing.

The developer of Timbre places a lot of emphasis on the fact that the application keeps the quality of the videos and audios intact. We can select what format we want the result to have, in addition to the fact that the application accepts a good number of source formats. And, by using the FFmpeg library, we can use your console to further refine the final results.

Using the application is simple: we just have to select what we want to do. Once we have selected action, we can choose the files that we want to edit. And editing is very simple, thanks in large part to the design based on Material.

Although the application is very simple, the truth is that it does not leave us complicated to select precisely what we want. We even have a function to convert text to voice using the voice of the phone, being able to save the result on the phone.

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