Before Sending Your CV Out

Before Sending Your CV Out – Do Your Research

One thing that many people forget to do when writing their CV is to find out about the people they are sending it to. What they end up with is a generic CV that they send off to a series of random companies, more often than not selected from a particular section of the phonebook.

By taking some time to research a company you give yourself the chance to decide whether it is somewhere you would like to work. (And so avoid the cost of a stamp if it isn’t!) Sending a CV to a company you have no intention of joining wastes not only their time, but also your own.

Researching your prospective employers is a very useful habit to get into. It will not only help you gauge what to put in your CV, but is vital should you get to the interview stage.

There is no excuse for going in blind, and hoping to bluff your way with natural charm. It might work occasionally -but it doesn’t very often!

We know someone who made these mistakes when they were first applying for jobs. Having put together an impressive CV, he didn’t bother to do any research and was left looking rather foolish in the interview.

Write a professional CV

Everything was going great. He had walked confidently through the door, given the all-important ‘firm handshake’ and scored well in the tests. Then, quite unexpectedly, he was asked why he thought he was the right person for the job. All of a sudden he was floundering. He had seen the advert in the Media section of the paper, so he tried his luck

Well I have always been interested in advertising, and I consider myself to be a pretty good writer

By now, the expressions on the faces of the interviewers should have been enough to tell him that it was time to get his coat. And if he hadn’t noticed them, then their next question was an even bigger clue…

What exactly do you think we do here?

Apparently he has blocked out the rest of the interview from his mind, but suffice to say that they were not an advertising company, and they did not want writers, but rather Media Accounts Managers. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t asked back for a second interview!

So what sort of research should you be doing to avoid the trapdoor that our poor friend fell into? There is the internet of course, and the company’s web site. There might also be a booklet produced by the company. However, before all that there is the job advert itself. We will now take a look at ways to glean as much information as possible by just reading the advert.


With today’s technology, there is no need to write a new example of cv each time you apply for a different job, or if you want to alter it. You can save individual paragraphs or key information, and simply move it around. Highlight different aspects, or leave out bits you think might not be relevant.

And even if you haven’t got your own PC, you can always make use of the local library or Internet Cafe. It is worth making the effort to type your CV. It will save you a lot of time in the long run.

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